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How It Works

  1. Set Up a Demo
  2. Sign Up
  3. Schedule a Meeting
  4. Upload your Contact List
  5. Hold your Meeting with Efficiency

Key Elements

  • No Per Minute Cost
  • Comes with a transcriber.
    • Fields questions on behalf of the host and sends them to the host.
  • Real time analytics and polling results
  • Agenda Screen informs the audience of the agenda for the meeting.
  • Chatbox allows the audience members to talk without disrupting the speaker.
  • Free media room to hear and view the meeting.

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Streamline Meetings With Town Hall!

When calling a meeting through phone or internet. It can quickly becomes difficult to lead the meeting, due to peoples desire to ask questions and make comments. Town Hall Login is the solution for meetings through the internet and phone. Our service helps streamline meetings. By making sure both the communicator and the audience feel their voices are heard throughout the meeting. Below are some of the industries we've helped achieve this.

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  • Presidential Debates
  • Local Government Meetings
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  • Live Auctions
  • Satellite Locations
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Market Research

  • Online Focus Groups
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  • Fraternity & Sorority Chapter Meetings
  • Local School Board Meetings


  • Volunteer Information Seminar
  • Investor Relations Meeting
  • Leadership Board Meetings



Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited contacts allows any size business to benefit. By removing contact limits, any size business or organization can hold a meeting with everyone present.

Real-Time Analytics

Track your meetings analytics while it's being held. Real-time data generated on the go.

Schedule Capabilities

Schedule your Town Hall Meeting when it convenient for you. This helps gather all your contacts to the same place regardless of their geographical location.

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