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How It Works

  1. Choose your type of campaign
    • Polling / Survey
    • Message Broadcast
    • Press 1 / Live Transfers
  2. Create your content
  3. Record your audio
  4. Set the Schedule!

Key Elements

  • Cost as low as 1.75¢ per 30 seconds
  • No restricting contracts
  • One time set-up fee
  • Real time data

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How RoboCalling Can Help You!

Everyday your audience encounters 3,000 or more messages. Cut through that clutter with RoboCalling's voice broadcasting and polling. Automated voice messaging is the most efficient way to directly communicate your message to your audience.

Health Care

• Vaccine & Prescription Reminders
• Appointment Reminders
• Staff Shift Changes & Openings

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• Polling Campaigns
• Get Out The Vote Calls
• Voter Issue ID's

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• Weather Alerts
• Parent Teacher Conferences
• Cancellations

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• Billing Notifications
• Deals, Discounts and Marketing
• Shipping Information

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Market Research

• Target Market Automated Surveys
• Real-Time Data Analytics
• Press 1 Campaign

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Advocacy Group

• Automated Surveys
• Fundraising Information
• Robo Polling Technology

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• Section 8

Automated Calling

• Federal
Program Information


  • Fundraising
  • Event Notification
  • Program Survey


Unlimited Contacts

Upload your file of contacts and their info.  The data will be married with the campaign. No more hours organizing.

Real-Time Analytics

Track your campaign while it's running. See real-time data of completion, results, and cross-tabs.

Reliable Cloud System

Forgot to print those reports at the office? No problem. Our proprietary cloud technology is available 24/7. You can be confident your data is accessible & secure anytime you need it.

Press 1 Campaigns

Transfers are easy with automatic message broadcasting, you can manually regulate during the campaign and record calls.

Auto Surveys

Linear and non-linear options available--design your own survey and watch live data with top-line data and pie charts.

Schedule Capabilities

Schedule your campaigns when you want them to run--be prepared ahead of time, or run them right now.

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RoboCalling Blog

Keep up-to-date on the latest trends and technology by visiting our RoboCalling Blog.  Our automated calling system keeps up with the constant changes that big data puts on the internet. Our effortless methodology makes surveys, polls, and notifications quick and easy to complete. RoboCalling will help you become a market-leader in your industry..

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