Impact Your Audience:

Voice Message Broadcasting - Best Practice

When running a message broadcast campaign, you hope that everyone who picks up listens to the message you put out-and that every answer machine message isn’t immediately deleted. You might have hung up right away yourself, but why? Here are some tips to help you get a better full listen rate:

1. Keep it simple: stay away from lengthy words and complex sentences. You might know the education level of your audience, but with all the different factors that risk your message not being heard, stay simple.

2. Be clear: when recording that is. Make sure when you record, you speak at an appropriate speed, you are in a quiet room, and pronounce words properly. You don’t need to sound like iPhones ‘Siri’, just speak clearly. (our AutoCallsNow system allows you as many records as possible so you can get it right, even if it takes you 20 practice runs).

3. Get to the point: we can all understand the importance of time, so don’t take too long to get to the most important part of the call. Look carefully at your script and try to get that point across in the first 5-10 seconds of your call. Sometimes you only have about 3 seconds to grab the listeners attention- so timing on your big message is crucial. Try not to make the entire call too long either to prevent loss of attention.

Keep in mind when writing the script & recording your message how you would respond if you got this call. This mentality will keep your over ambitious and possibly over optimistic mind at bay so you can have a clear, concise, wide reaching message.