Endless Mobile Possibilites:

Automated Voice Broadcasting

sThe internet research firm, ComScore, released some data that shows Mobile users will bypass Desktop users in 2014. We could almost see this as a tangible outcome, and many have already prepared. There are a seemingly infinite amount of applications available for our mobile smart phones allowing us to do extraordinary or the easier version of everyday items (I.E. smart phone users can pay their bill whenever they please with apps at participating restaurants like Bagger Dave’s).


This trend, by research, will only continue to grow. So how can you take advantage of this as a marketer, a researcher, advertiser, etc?

Make it easy for your customers to give you what YOU want. By putting messages into the hands of recipients by texting or calling you add senses to the experience, and allow them to easily respond.  Marketing researchers can text a survey to groups of people by using keywords to track responses. Associations can mass text or call their members about an upcoming event. Apartment complexes can mass call their residents reminding them rent is due in three days, and then run an Auto Survey about their satisfaction levels the day after. Restaurants can run promotions for the current week special by having customers text a keyword for a coupon in response. The possibilities are truly endless… and what a better way to reach customers, than to put the ability to communicate and build loyalty with you right in their hands.